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Easily Customizable

  • Make Your Paperless Visiting Cards
  • Create Your Personalized business Card.
  • Hassle-free To Carry & Save Time.

User-friendly Features

  • One-Stop Solution For Online Business Cards.
  • Design Your First Business Card In Seconds.
  • Stop Wasting Money On Printed Cards.

100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Grab Your Customer Attention.
  • Work On Your Budget & Eco-friendly.
  • Fullfil Clients Requirements.
QR Code Technology

JYN Bcard is equipped with its own unique QR Code. We help you to advertise with JYN Bcard QR Code so that clients will see your business card with every valuable information to your product.

Quick Search & Easy Find

You can quickly search and also find your online visiting card. Anyone can create your contact with the single click.

Easily Convertable & Accessible

Transform your paper business cards to the digital version with just one tap. It will work on every smartphone devices such as Android and IOS.

Share With Anyone, Update Everyone

Anybody can get your online visiting card, even whether hey don’t have the email or app. Anyone can quickly update straightly on other people’s devices.

Our Exclusive JYN Bcard App Is Coming Soon
We Have More Than 200+ Visiting Card Designs


Digital Business Cards

Benefit: Mobile apps like SnapDat, One Card, and Handshake, allow you to share you electronic business card with other smartphone users. You can create a personalized virtual business card (vCard) and easily send your contact information to other app users via their username. These apps also allow you to email your vCard to non-app users.

Digital Card - Advantages
  • Great for networking events, meetups and conferences
  • Always have your digital business card with you – and never run out
  • Save money and shrink your wallet with a virtual business card
  • Access your contacts from any device with our web login
  • Add personal notes to the business cards you scan
  • Every contact you make is backed up to the cloud – never lose contact again
Don’t use the same business card for multiple companies

It is very difficult to digest the information when two or more companies are in the same card, unless you want to show your relation to the companies. In such case, use only your name and an email or phone number, along with the companies’ logos. Spare further details to prevent the card from looking like a yellow page.

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